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Pointe du Raz : a stunning natural site

Pointe du Raz : a stunning natural site

Pointe du Raz, France’s equivalent to Land’s End, is a definite must-see during your stay at our 2-star campsite. A listed « grand site de France », the cliffs at Pointe du Raz stand 70 metres tall. Sculpted by the ocean and the wind, the cliffs face the square-shaped lighthouse « Phare de la Vieille ». First lit in 1887, it was inhabited up until 1995, the year in which it was automated.

You can also see Ile de Sein and Armen lighthouse on a clear day. A walk along the clifftops is a definite must whilst you are visiting the site. You can walk from Pointe de Millier to Beuzec and Brézellec and admire the breathtaking view over Cap de la Chèvre, the southernmost point of the Crozon peninsula.

This stunning site, feared by the most experienced sailors, is, thanks to its preservation since 1996, home to a multitude of birds such as the famous black-headed gull, guillemots and northern fulmars. For a better view, telescopes and binoculars are available on site.

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